"Building a new home was very low on our wish list. However, finding a different home that better fit our needs was very high. After looking at existing real estate and finding homes that only met 50% of our must have's, we began researching new home construction within our same price range and found Fireside Builders.

We could tell from our first walk through the model home in Strongsville that the attention to detail of Fireside Builders is impressive.

Fireside Builders is a custom home builder who works closely with each client ensuring that all decisions required by the new homeowners are made with complete confidence. All options are thoroughly discussed, pricing is communicated clearly, and the builder suggests options he feels would best fit you individual needs. Fireside Builders was responsive throughout the entire process, answering questions, and explaining details of the building process as needed.

We are very excited to say we are among the many satisfied customers of Fireside Builders. We absolutely LOVE our new home!"

                    - Bob & Stacy P.

                      Part of the Fireside Family Since 2013

"We lived in Brook Park for over 40 years when my husband passed away after 52 years of marriage. I was devastated, wandered around lost and lonely in a 3 bedroom, full basement house we brought up 3 children in.

That is when I saw in the Sun News that Fireside Builders was planning to build new smaller homes for retired people. I liked the location, everything I needed was close by, so I was interested in buying, but did not know how to go about it all by myself. The owners and the whole staff at Fireside Builders were very friendly and patient with me. They sold my old home and answered endless questions about the new one. They drew new plans when I wanted changes and came up with good suggestions, when I ran out of ideas.

After I moved in, I spent hours sitting at my front window and enjoyed watching the Amish people build the rest of the houses across the street. Good materials, precision work, these homes will last a long time.

It has been 5 years now, all 14 homes are sold. Fireside Builders is starting new communities in different suburbs, but we are still not forgotten, they are still here for us, if we need help or advice. In this day and age I don't think you can find another company who does this! I feel I found a second family not only in my new neighbors, but also in Fireside Builders."

                    - Eva Z.

                      Part of the Fireside Family Since 2009

"Our Fireside Builders home building experience was excellent. We have a quality built home. Our design options were flexible and well done. All personnel could not have been nicer to work with."

                    - Gil & Eilish R.

                      Part of the Fireside Family Since 1989

"Building with Fireside was a very easy process for us. It was nice working with a small builder who was able to address all of our needs, while still being able to work with us at a personal level unlike larger builders. We were treated like friends. In addition, the quality of our home far surpasses those of other builders."

                    - Patrice & Scott A.

                      Part of the Fireside Family Since 2009

"Our dream home came true because of Fireside Builders. When we saw the quality of their work we were impressed! They truly paid attention to every detail and we felt they had a personal interest in our home. They made us feel comfortable about the entire process. They weren't just building our house, they were building our home.  Everyone of the trades were professional, enjoyable to work with, and the quality of their work was outstanding! Fireside works with a high level of integrity and made sure we were happy every step of the way!"

                    - Tamara & Ivan R.

                      Part of the Fireside Family Since 2013


Building Homes in Cleveland for over 

60 years!

"We chose Fireside Builders ranch style home 9 yrs. ago. There is not a single regret on our decision. Fireside has proven over & over again to be a first class OLD SCHOOL operation. The contractors are the best & experienced in their field."

                    - Glenn & Gloria S.

                      Part of the Fireside Family Since 2004

"We built with Fireside recently & can't say "Thank You" enough. Gino & Shelly made the process enjoyable for us. We had challenges to meet with an elderly parent living with us & they were flexible & provided quality work. We love our home & at all times were able to contact Fireside & received a prompt response. Gino doesn't skimp & made great suggestions to provide a handicapped accessible living area on the 1st floor. Would do it all again if needed with Fireside! Quality home with superior staff!"

                    - Ellen & Dave B.

                      Part of the Fireside Family Since 2013

"Building our home with Fireside Builders was one of the best decisions we made. Fireside Builders made the whole process easy and stress-free. They are very customer-friendly, detail oriented and organized.

I can still recall the wonderful feeling my husband and I had when we turned the key and unlocked the door and walked into our new home. They are great people to work with and I would build another Fireside home with them if I could."

                    - Patricia & Dennis B.

                      Part of the Fireside Family Since 2005

"I purchased my home from Fireside Builders in 2008. It was the best decision I ever made. They took care of all my needs and after five years they are still there for me if needed. I love my home and happy that I purchased from Fireside Builders."

                    - Carol S.

                      Part of the Fireside Family Since 2008

"We purchased our Fireside home last March and have been very satisfied. Fireside stands by their home warranty and then some. Their staff, especially Gino, has been wonderful. I would not hesitate to recommend or buy another Fireside home!"

                    - Patrick & Irene P.

                      Part of the Fireside Family Since 2013

"We chose Fireside because they allowed us the flexibility to be part of the building process. From the start to finish everything was very organized & stayed on schedule. We enjoyed working with Gino throughout the whole process."

                    - Dominic & Carla F.

                      Part of the Fireside Family Since 2007

"My home was built in the winter, I was a little worried about that but all those at Fireside put my fears to rest! 9 yrs. later I'm still happy as a clam. Great people at Fireside!"

                    - Ron & Donna R.

                      Part of the Fireside Family Since 2004